How to Register a Nickname on Libera Chat

Libera Chat is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network.

I assume you are running a supported version of Debian or Ubuntu.

In this tutorial, we use ERC which is an IRC client integrated into GNU Emacs.

0. first of all, install emacs using Terminal

$ sudo apt install emacs
  1. open emacs
  2. M-x (which means press x while you are holding Alt key)
  3. enter the commnd, erc-tls
  4. IRC server:
  5. IRC port: 6697
  6. Nickname: <enter-your-desired-nickname>
  7. Password: <leave this part empty and just press enter>

Now you are logged in to the Libera Chat network. Enter the following command in GNU Emacs,

  1. ERC> /msg NickServ REGISTER <Your-Password> <>
  2. Now, check your email address, you should have received an email from Libera Chat Network Services
  3. Click on the confirmation link in your email, and finish.